What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

As a mother, experiencing a fire and uprooting your children from their homes is one of the hardest things I have ever done. We are very grateful for SERVPROs help in getting our home cleaned up and put back together for our family.

After our fire last year, we had a lot of damage to our belongings. My wife had some special items of her grandmother’s, like furniture and wall hangings, that were covered in soot and stinky. She was worried that they would be ruined forever. When we got our items back from SERVPRO they were pristine! She was thrilled! Thank you to the technicians who worked on these items. They may not know it, but they made a big difference!

There was a fire at one of my apartment buildings. The main unit was badly effected but other units had major soot damage. So we called SERVPRO they helped cleaned some of the renter’s apartments and belongings. 

We had a house fire this winter, causing us to be without power, without our home, and without a lot of our things. We had to stay somewhere else the whole time they worked on our house. There was a significant amount of damage. It didn’t take as long as I expected, and they worked daily to get our home cleaned and ready. We were able to save a lot of our things and they helped clean it all. They were professional and caring. I was very pleased. 

My grandma had a small grease fire shortly before the holidays. She usually does a lot of cooking and baking so having her kitchen back was very important to her. SERVPRO got it cleaned up and back in order for her. 

We recently had a home fire and SERVPRO of Marshalltown has been nothing short of great to work with on getting things back and almost better than before. Highly recommend them!