What our Customers say...


We couldn't be happier with the work SERVPRO did. Our kitchen flood after the water line broke on our fridge. SERVPRO showed up fast and cleaned up the water and set big fan to get it dry. Thanks guys!

SERVPRO came to our house not even 24 hours after we called. They helped take care of fire damage we had and they were very easy to work with, making the process easy for us.

My family had been thinking for a few weeks that we needed to get our house checked for mold on the inside of some bedroom and hallway walls in our home. We've got an older home that may be susceptible to mold issues. Once we googled mold services nearby, SERVPRO popped right up as a top choice. We were able to read info about mold straight off their website, and the crew who showed up at our house answered the questions we had. They did a good job of efficiently testing, then fixing our walls to better than before shape. 

We called SERVPRO of Marshalltown to stop by our commercial property and help take care of smoke and fire sprinkler damage from a small fire in two rooms within our business. They prioritized us getting back to being fully open, and they delivered when we were ready after a 1 day shutdown of 50% of our business operations. Thank you to the crew that showed up and quickly went to work for us getting the job done efficiently.

We had some strong storm cells move through our area, causing some water damage to mainly our basement, as well as portions of our exterior house. SERVPRO of Marshalltown arrived the next day, and the crew members they brought out gave us the help we needed. We asked plenty of questions that their crew members kindly answered for us. We appreciate their hard work for us. 

Thank you SERVPRO of Marshalltown! They got a crew that came out to my house fast and they were able to dry out all of the water damage my family had in our basement. You guys were awesome! I would recommend SERVPRO of Marshalltown and will use them again if I ever face water damage.

After a plumbing issue damaged one of our walls, we called SERVPRO to see if they could help. They came the same day we called and explained what their plan. If I ever need their services again, they will be my first call.

I was very happy with my experience with SERVPRO. We experienced some water damage in our basement after a pipe froze and broke. We contacted our insurance and they told us we should probably get SERVPRO out there. They came out right away and got an estimate to our insurance and began working. They tore out and disposed of the carpet that wasn’t able to be saved and dried everything else! All of the paperwork and billing were explained very well and handled easily.

After a heavy storm made it apparent that we had some serious roof damage, a large part of our upstairs ceiling was heavily soaked, and the walls were beginning to absorb water too. Serve Pro came and started setting up their work area right away. They were able to keep us from having to do some major structural rebuilding!

When our water spicket broke outside it leaked a huge mess into our finished basement. My husband worked really hard on finishing our basement and was overwhelmed when he saw how much water had actually been sitting there unnoticed all day. SERVPRO came in and really did a great job. They used a lot of equipment and came to make adjustments daily. They were able to get everything dry and save all of the hard work my husband has put into our basement.

As a mother, experiencing a fire and uprooting your children from their homes is one of the hardest things I have ever done. We are very grateful for SERVPROs help in getting our home cleaned up and put back together for our family.

After our fire last year, we had a lot of damage to our belongings. My wife had some special items of her grandmother’s, like furniture and wall hangings, that were covered in soot and stinky. She was worried that they would be ruined forever. When we got our items back from SERVPRO they were pristine! She was thrilled! Thank you to the technicians who worked on these items. They may not know it, but they made a big difference!

There was a fire at one of my apartment buildings. The main unit was badly effected but other units had major soot damage. So we called SERVPRO they helped cleaned some of the renter’s apartments and belongings. 

After a kitchen fire at our business, SERVPRO was on the scene quickly making a plan to begin work. Carrie did a great job explaining what they were doing and what was going to happen. The crew did exactly what they said they were going to do and when they said they were going to do it. The smell was our biggest concern, but the machines they used removed the smell.

Heavy rain made its way into the finished lower level of our offices. SERVPRO got it dried out quickly with very little interference. I am very impressed with the work they did!

The bathroom floors and walls in our building were needing a deep cleaning. SERVPRO did a great job. The bathrooms look and smell so much better!

The carpets throughout our church were pretty dirty. We had SERVPRO clean them, and they did a great job! They even made sure to schedule it at a time that was convenient with our activities schedule!

A pipe broke at our office over the winter. Everything was soaked. Our plumber told us to call SERVPRO. They came in and started removing the water and putting their equipment throughout the building. It was dry in no time, and we got back to work in just a couple of days!

We had a house fire this winter, causing us to be without power, without our home, and without a lot of our things. We had to stay somewhere else the whole time they worked on our house. There was a significant amount of damage. It didn’t take as long as I expected, and they worked daily to get our home cleaned and ready. We were able to save a lot of our things and they helped clean it all. They were professional and caring. I was very pleased. 

My grandma had a small grease fire shortly before the holidays. She usually does a lot of cooking and baking so having her kitchen back was very important to her. SERVPRO got it cleaned up and back in order for her. 

Our shop had a fire in the furnace room, making the whole place smell awful. There was a lot of soot, and the ceilings were horrible. We called Serve Pro and they came and actually cleaned the ceilings, walls, and everything! 

I had terrible water damage to my place. The service that this company provided was amazing. I would definitely recommend to anyone!

Excellent project management (Carrie) and attention to detail/quality of work. Everyone who worked on the project went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction before, during, and after the work was completed. Overall, just great communication, responsiveness, and professionalism. Highly-recommended!

We recently had a home fire and SERVPRO of Marshalltown has been nothing short of great to work with on getting things back and almost better than before. Highly recommend them!

While Googling different restoration services that were in my immediate surrounding community, I came across SERVPRO of Marshalltown that I'd heard of before from friends using their services in the past, so I decided to check out their website. On it, they had a company blog one of their employees writes.

I was surprised at how detailed each post was, and how many areas of expertise they covered. In the blogs, so many questions got answered that I still used their restoration services, but had way less questions after reading them. I appreciate this web feature which helps the general public understand restoration issues. Thanks for the guidance SERVPRO!

We suffered a refrigerator water supply line malfunction in April, 2021.   SERVPRO's response team arrived quickly and did a fantastic job drying out the areas behind and underneath the refrigerator and in the ceiling and walls of the basement bathroom.   After that, the SERVPRO reconstruction team, led by Jonathan(Jon) McNeal, took over the project! We were taken aback by Jon's personable and empathetic attitude! He explained to us how the process would work and also the timeframe in which it would occur. He was very knowledgeable about  all aspects of getting our residence back to its previous condition - flooring, walls, cabinets, appliances.   He worked well with co-workers and employees from other businesses, including the insurance adjuster! And he did all of this while "supervising" or overseeing numerous other reconstruction jobs in the area! He made contact with the flooring company that we had selected and set it up for us to pick out the new flooring. When we informed him of some appliance changes we were going to make during the reconstruction,  he made sure a plumbing/gas line service company was onsite to install the new appliances!    When all was completed, we couldn't have been more pleased with Jon and his crew and the reconstruction of our kitchen and bathroom!    Jon McNeal is a super representative of the SERVPRO Company and we would and will recommend him and SERVPRO to anyone who has suffered catastrophic damages to their property! Jon McNeal is one of the "good guys" in this tumultuous world!

I called SERVPRO of Marshalltown after I suspected the presence of mold within the walls of my basement as the house itself is very old. They got to work quickly and made the process of mitigating the mold smooth as ever. The staff I worked with was very helpful and gave lots of advice on how to possibly detect and treat mold in the future if it ever returned. If I ever need services provided by SERVPRO again, that's exactly who I'll call. Very great to work with and I highly suggest them!

After suspecting our home may have issues relating to mold, we contacted SERVPRO to conduct a mold test and they arrived in no time. We discovered there was mold inside our basement walls that needed to get immediately taken care of. SERVPRO's staff worked very efficiently and was kind throughout. The staff which came to our house was very knowledgeable and gave us tips on how to prevent future mold issues from occurring in our home's future. They made us feel confident the issue had been handled and we are appreciative for them discovering the mold before it was too late, I highly recommend them. 

After we experienced damage surrounding our home and in our basement from a storm that passed through, SERVPRO of Marshalltown arrived as quickly as possible to assist us with our cleanup. They took total control and their staff was very helpful, kind, and we appreciated their ability to take care of our lost property that became too damaged in the storm. I wouldn't hire any other company around for storm relief or any cleanup needs. Carrie and her storm relief crew were second to none. 

We called SERVPRO of Marshalltown after a huge rain storm caused damage to our property. SERVPRO came immediately and took all the wet and damaged materials away, they dried everything out inside the house that was salvageable. The crew was very courteous and efficient. I give them 5 stars, thanks SERVPRO!

SERVPRO representative Matt Weeks was prompt, professional, and provided excellent service. He responded quickly and thoroughly and was very polite in each interaction. SERVPRO is very service-oriented, I will definitely be recommending them! 

SERVPRO is an amazing company, the crew that arrived assured me that they would take care of the water damage after a water valve leaked. They went above and beyond my expectations and treated me like family, and completely fixed my water damage. I would highly recommend SERVPRO!

After going through the Derecho we had no idea where to start. After calling our insurance company with the water damage we had they suggested a restoration company. I had no idea what that even was so I Googled it and SERVPRO was first on the list. Jeff the owner answered.  The storm happened on the 10th of August. The crew was here the following Monday where they spent the next 3 days tearing out. Each person I met of the ones that were here were friendly, professional and hard workers. Then after all was done Jeff again called to check in. I give your company 5 stars and would recommend.

SERVPRO gave me first class service after the Iowa Derecho on 08/10/2020. They went above and beyond to get back to where I was before the storm hit. With me being the Farm Bureau Agent here in Tama County, I will recommend SERVPRO to all of my clients here at the office if they ever experience an unfortunate event. I really appreciate all you have done and I'm looking forward to utilizing your company for all the needs of my clients. 

They gave us good service. They were on time and always provided good communication. They did a good job disinfecting and were very understanding and willing to work through everything.

Nate and Jaxson were part of the SERVPRO storm team that came to Illinois and handled our sewer back up with incredible professionalism, and with a compassionate touch.  Although they drove over 5 hours to get here, they promptly started working to get my basement dry and safe, working well into the evening.  The entire clean up took about 4 days, and I never heard anything negative from them despite the long hours they were putting in.  Nate and Jaxson always informed me when they left and when they would return, as well as what they were doing and why.  They fully answered any question I had and went out of their way to ensure I was satisfied with the work they performed.

We knew Nate and Jaxson were here to do their job, but they acted like we knew them for years.  They treated us respectfully and with kindness.  My daughter was so impressed with their professionalism and their kindness, she baked them some cookies since she knew they were staying in a hotel and working long hours. They took the edge off of having a disaster in your basement, and made you feel like everything was going to be ok.  I trusted them to get the job done right and done quickly.

I would HIGHLY recommend SERVPRO of Marshalltown. If Jaxson and Nate can drive 5 hrs straight and make someone from a different state feel like their home is in capable caring hands, I am sure they probably provide even better service locally in their own community. I spoke to the office staff, as well, and they were quick to help with any questions or concerns I had. For going through such a terrible flood, SERVPRO of Marshalltown helped get us cleaned up, sterilized, and ready to rebuild  with a very compassionate staff and two very professional, kind professionals, Jaxson and Nate.