Water Damage Photo Gallery

Riding water extractor on carpet

Bank experienced a water loss!

When our project manager’s bank experienced a water loss, they knew to call the experts at their premier, local, trusted restoration company. We responded right away to help our friends! In this photograph, you can see our technician going for a ride on one of our deep extraction tools, also known as the (Rover HVE??). This joy ride uses the operator’s weight to compress the carpet and pad to squeeze out water and remove moisture through the vacuum system. Similar to a zero-turn mower, we are able to extract nearly all of the water from carpets, even around corners. SERVPRO uses the best available professional equipment to work most efficiently and get this financial institution back to banking in no time.

Drying system in bathroom

Injectidry Drying Systems dry high-risk areas of hidden moisture.

This little girl’s bathroom toilet sprung a major leak that, unfortunately, went unnoticed for quite some time. When traditional drying methods weren’t moving along fast enough, we pulled out our specialized equipment. This is our state-of-the-art injectidry system. This innovative system targets the non-visible side of the wall and moves air throughout the wall cavity, aiding in more rapid drying. Injectidry Drying Systems dry high-risk areas of hidden moisture using positive pressure, and by removing moist air with negative pressure. By exchanging air in the wall cavities, air movement becomes a transport vehicle for moisture. It is also used to dry behind ceilings, floors, and beneath and behind cabinets and stairwells. We were able to make progress on this difficult-to-dry area and save the area from having to be demolished and reconstructed, making sure to take special care of the unicorns.

water damaged wood floor

This is what water does to your wood floor.

When water isn't removed immediately from wood floors, they buckle and become permanently damaged, requiring replacement. Make sure you call SERVPRO of Marshalltown immediately to extract water that's sitting on your floor so we can save it from needing replacement. 

SERVPRO of Marshalltown staff in disinfecting PPE

We take pathogens and contaminants seriously.

Whether it's mold caused by water damage, viral pathogens or air contamination from a fire, we take every precaution to restore your disaster safely. This includes using full-face respirators like Andrew and Nate are wearing for maximum protection.

water extractor pulling water out of carpet

We can save your carpet.

We use a state-of-the art rover water extractor to pull water up from the pad deep beneath carpet and saves both the pad and carpet from being destroyed. Give us a call right away if you have water damage in a carpeted area.

water being extracted from a wood floor

We can save your wood floor.

Our water extractor dries the subfloor by pulling water up through your wood floor, which saves the floor from being destroyed by water damage. It's also fun to watch!