Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Sewage in basement

Sewage Backup in Basement

After a storm hit Marshalltown and most of Iowa in July of 2022 after midnight. City-wide flash flooding left many families in need of help. SERVPRO of Marshalltown was ready to help.

Drying wet carpet

Heavy springtime rains.

Heavy springtime rains are beautiful when they aren’t flooding your home. In this particular circumstance, the homeowner had recently installed an egress window and new carpet in their finished basement to allow for it to be used as an extra bedroom. An unexpected clog in the window well’s drainage system caused water to seep in around the window. With this area of the home not in regular use, it was easy to overlook. When the homeowner noticed, they called us right away. We were able to remove excess water from the carpets, preserving the integrity of the newly installed carpet. Once we surveyed the damage, we began setting fans, dehumidifiers, and our specialized commercial-grade equipment nearest the water source to maximize and concentrate the drying. Once dry we livened the carpet back up with a thorough cleaning and Scotchgard.

air mover drying carpet in area business after a storm

Storm Damage to Area Business

Water from a large storm soaked the entire basement area of this local business. We used large air movers and water extracting equipment to save the carpet and flooring. Call SERVPRO of Marshalltown right away to restore water damaged areas of your business or home.

water detecting equipment used on drywall

We detect water in your walls.

Sometimes things look more dry than they are. When you experience water damage from a storm or a broken pipe, our equipment can detect where water is hidden so we don't miss moisture that can quickly begin to grow mold. 

water damage to lower level room of area business

Storm Damage to Carpeted Basement

The lower level of this local business flooded during a storm. Luckily, SERVPRO was called in right away to extract the water and dry the carpet before more problems could set in. The flooded area was completely remediated and returned to its previous condition, "Like it never even happened.”

water after a storm in basement of a local business

Water Damage to Basement of Local Business

This local business had significant flooding in the basement after a storm. SERVPRO of Marshalltown was able to dry it quickly and prevent further damage like mold growth from sitting water.